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FOMO LLAMA Partner Marketing Network!

We are excited to introduce our partner marketing network to you. Our marketing partners receive commission on sales of our Bitcoin and Litecoin merchandise. You don't need any experiences in business, or technical knowledge. It's as easy as sharing links on your social media account, or blog. It's an ideal way for established marketers and beginners to add an additional revenue stream.

Our Campaigns

Pay per sale: You will receive (X) commission on the order total of the first purchase made via the affiliate referral link. In the next purchases, you will receive (Y) commission on the order total.

Discount policy: A customer who makes the first purchase via the affiliate referral link receives (Z) discount on the order total. In the next purchases, the customer will not receive any discount. However, the affiliate account continues receiving commissions from the next orders made by this customer.

Partner Campaign


Pay Per Sale Tier 120% of Order Total for first order.20% of Order Total for next orders.
Discount policyNone
Valid DateAlways
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